Weibang Velocity 56 WTV Variable Wheeled Trimmer

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Weibang Velocity 56 WTV Variable Wheeled Trimmer

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Powered By WEIBANG - To ensure a consistent delivery and the highest levels of performance we chose the tried and tested commercial grade WEIBANG X200 engine, with 196cc and 3.6kW of power. 

Wide Cutting Path - The Velocity Wheeled Trimmer features a wide 56cm / 22” cutting width to clear long hedgerows and fencelines with ease. The offset cutter deck design allows trimming up to the edge and the wide trimmer guard protects users from debris.

Service & Storage Position - As a commercial Wheeled Trimmer transportation is key, which is why we developed our quick release folding handles to allow for easy lifting when moving between locations, and easy access to the underside of the deck for cleaning and general maintenance.

Adjustable Handles - As with all WEIBANG commercial lawnmowers, the Velocity Wheeled Trimmer range features our heavy duty aluminium quick release adjustment clamps. The quick release levers allow fast adjustment to suit any operator while not compromising on the rigidity of the handle.

High Zone Air Intake - Due to the extreme conditions that a Wheeled Trimmer works in the engine air filter is fitted with a snorkel pipe extending to the handle cockpit ensuring a constant supply of clean air to extend the longevity of the engine.

Heavy Duty Belts & Pulleys - The WEIBANG commercial Wheeled Trimmers are fitted with heavy duty pulleys and cutting belts to ensure reliability. The belts used on the Velocity Wheeled Trimmer are double the thickness of those used by other Wheeled Trimmer manufacturers.

Free Spinning Support Cup & Level Design - The Trimmer head features a traditional support cup similar to other products on the market, the difference with a WEIBANG Wheeled Trimmer is that the support cup features integrated bearings, allowing it to spin freely for extended durability. Another difference compared to other models on the market is the level design, ensuring that when cutting the machine always stays parallel to the ground.

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