Stiga / Mountfield B 440 /E440/4Ah 48-Volt Cordless Battery

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Stiga / Mountfield B 440 4Ah 48-Volt Cordless Battery

E-Power Lithium-ion ‘Smart’ battery is suitable for the Stiga / Mountfield range of 48-Volt cordless lawn mowers and garden tools.

What is smart is that the battery ‘talks’ to the mower or tool it is fitted with.

Ensuring that it provides the best performance and efficiency, regardless of whether you are cutting the grass or blowing leaves.

  • STIGA E-Power 48-Volt Lithium Battery
  • 4Ah power
  • 172.8 wh nominal energy
  • 180 minutes charging time with standard charger
  • 110 minutes with a fast charger
  • Weights 1.37kg
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