Stiga Aero Battery Hover Mower

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Product Details
  • The first cordless mower that lifts from the ground
  • 2 x 4Ah 20v batteries (Supplied)
  • Maximum working area of 100m2
  • 30cm cutting width
  • Weight of just 7kg
Comes with 2 batteries and charger

Getting tangled in cords, plugging and unplugging extension leads, or lugging heavy mowers around steep slopes is now a thing of the past. STIGA Aero is the first cordless hover mower. It means you can cut lawns up to 100sqm on one charge – quickly, easily and painlessly. This is thanks to the design and powerful 750W motor. The STIGA patented cutting deck “traps” the air and gives it a harder time exiting the deck, which makes the air pressure increase and therefore improves the lifting capacity of the whole mower. The special design of the blade, flat but with angled tips, is literally slicing the grass, without creating any disturbance to the air cushion underneath the deck. Blade and deck together optimise energy efficiency and cutting performance, for great results.

Power comes from two STIGA ePower 20V batteries, held in the battery compartment on the handlebar for easy access and improved weight balance. When you’re not using the STIGA Aero, you can switch the batteries with your other 1-series STIGA gardening tools – so you and the family can get on with other jobs.

Small, light yet incredibly strong, the mower is designed for ultimate convenience. On-off handlebar control means there’s no fiddling with cutting heights or blade speeds. And when you’re finished, just hang it from a nail on the wall or simply fold it away in a corner.

  • The first cordless mower that lifts from the ground
  • Hassle-free – mowing up to 100sqm on one charge
  • Efficient – Patented deck design improves runtime and performance
  • True performance – New blade design by STIGA and powerful 750W motor
  • Shareable – ePower 20V batteries work with all 1-series STIGA tools
  • Easy to store – hangs from a wall or folds away neatly
Power source Lithium-ion Battery
Battery capacity 2 x 4Ah
Power 0.75kW
Voltage 20v
Maximum working area 100m2
Cutting method Mulching
Deck material Polypropylene
Handlebar type Ergonomic with double hand switch and cam locks + soft grip
Weight 7kg
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