Second Hand Bcs 738/c10-with 26” Rotavator Included. Customer Sale ,excellent Condition

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Machine has only been used privately and comes serviced with 12 months warranty.

Costs new £3800.00

BCS 738 Rotavator priced with the HONDA GX 270 engine base model. (previously the C10), manufactured by BCS S.p.A., is a versatile and powerful rotavator that can be fitted with more attachments as required.

The machine uses two drives; one controls the wheels to move the machine forwards and the other controls the digging tines. Because both drives are functioning simultaneously the machine is effectively doing all the work. 

The rotavator will keep digging for as long as it is in contact with the ground and in good conditions, and after a few passes, it can dig down to a depth of up to 8" (20cm).

The digging depth is easily controlled via the control lever which is located on top of the digging box. To increase the digging depth simply move the lever up or for shallow digging move it all the way in.

The BCS 738 Rotavator is perfectly balanced with a choice of petrol or diesel engine and a 26" (66cm) wide rotavator box. With three forward and reverse speeds for faster operation (particularly when using the grass cutting attachments) and large wheels with a locking differential for fantastic manoeuvrability and on-the-spot turning, this rotavator offers simplicity, reliability and outstanding performance.

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