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To work in areas without electricity supply and connection to the aqueduct you need a pressure washer like COMET FDX 2 12/200 . In fact, this cold water model is powered by a prestigious Loncin petrol engine .in addition to its efficiency and durability over time, due to low consumption, reduced vibrations and ease of starting. 

The motor activates a self-priming pump equipped with a filter to retain impurities (it allows the suction of water from tanks, cisterns, wells, streams, etc.) with brass headand 3 ceramic axial pistons capable of delivering a water flow of 720 l / h (12 l / minute) at a pressure of 200 bar . A knob on the head allows the operator to adjust the flow level and consequently the pressure level readable in the manometer

In case you want to use this pressure washer with the addition of detergent it is prepared and equipped for the suction of cleaning liquids from external containers (the extracted quantity is adjustable) being supplied complete with a special tube; detergents are dispensed at low pressure. 

Two large pneumatic wheels are attached to thesteel frame with storage compartments (for hose, lance and gun) and folding handle and make it very easy to transport this machine on steps or rough terrain. 

The packaging in which it is supplied includes the standard accessories which are: dispensing gun, nozzle with blade jet, rubber delivery pipe and angled spout with detergent head. 

ATTENTION : it is shipped without oil into the engine , carefully read the instruction manual before using it.

Pump data 

Guy  axial pump 
Tested material  brass 
Pistons  3 in ceramic 
flow  12 l / minute (720 l / h) 
Delivered pressure. 200 BAR

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