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DK 6010 HST, with air-con cab, on turf Titan tyres. 5-year warranty or 3000 hours. inc road registration.

Built run and demonstration included.

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our price only £25995.00 plus vat

Since 2003 the Kioti DK tractor range has continued to evolve. It has a reputation for simplicity and ease of use. Today the DK tractor range has been completed with the introduction of the new 58 HP version with air-conditioned factory cabin. This new tractor represents the very best of quality with many features designed for maximum operator comfort, ergonomic styling and ease of use. It is a class leading model compared to equivalent tractors of its horse power range. The comfort of the cabin combined with the new twin pedal mechanical HST transmission makes this a tractor that is a real pleasure to use for experienced or new tractor drivers alike.

DK6010: New Power, New Transmission


The exceptionally easy to use DK6010 HST is equipped with a hydrostatic gearbox and gives a high level of performance so that you can achieve a high level of productivity. The 3 speed ranges added to the two hydrostatic control pedals make your work simple and easy. All movements are smooth and soft.


When the Easy speed lever is engaged, the engine revolutions are linked to amount of pressure the driver applies to the HST foot pedals. This means that the operator can run the engine economically with minimal noise.

LOADER JOYSTICK LEVER (Only for the cabin version)

The ergonomic designed and positioned Joystick control lever is used to operate the movements of any front mounted attachments. It is so easy to use that it is like an extension of your own arm and similar in use to a video game controller. Even front loader work becomes fun.

Premium equipment for maximum comfort and output

An unbeatable field of vision is presented to the driver of the DK6010. This new cabin uses maximum glass and minimal structural posts. This contributes to the driver experiencing a high level of comfort. The lasting impression of operators who use this tractor is that it is very easy to use, moves gracefully and responds exceptionally well to the given commands. The DK6010’s spacious cabin interior has a roomy feel. Entry to the cabin is easy by using either of the two 124 cm wide doors. The cabin has a width of 136 cm which means that even operators of a wider frame can sit comfortably without feeling squeezed. The operation of the front loader is made easy and smooth with the high and wide front windscreen, the driver has perfect visibility.


8 adjustable vents strategically situated throughout the cabin permits the efficient management of the cabins interior temperature and will assist with demisting the window glass surfaces.


As standard the cabin has two work lamps mounted front and rear. The opening rear cabin window is equipped with an electric heater.


You can keep all of your small personal items tidy and safe in the cabin by using the multiple storage areas that are provided for you. They are positioned conveniently beside the driver’s seat. A 12 volt supply makes this a perfect practical set up.

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