Honda Kazz LM4860HXR 19" Lawnmower Roller Drive Mower, With Blower For Wet Collection

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Our range of rotary mowers, manufactured by KAAZ, are high quality self-propelled machines. They are all heavy-duty walk-behind mowers giving excellent performance. The rear-roller mowers give a high quality cut and the formal striped finish on your lawn. All models are build with the professional user in mind, although the PRO versions have extra features to make them more robust and suitable for all professional users like contractors and local authorities.

Kaaz Danarm LM4860HXR
Aluminium Deck - Professional Roller Drive Lawnmower
Shaft Drive Gearbox
Blade Brake Clutch
19" (48cm) Kawasaki engine, rear-roller
Cutting width: 48cm (19")
Cutting height: 15-77mm, 7 steps
Engine: Honda GXV160
Weight: 53kg
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