Atco Quattro 19SH Honda Engine 4 in 1 48cm Self-propelled Petrol Lawnmower

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The Atco Quattro 19SH self-propelled mower has a 48cm cutting width and is powered by a Honda engine. Features include: mulching plug, large grass collector, bag full indicator and a range of cutting height positions. Suitable for lawns up to 40m x 40m.
  • Honda’s reputation as the world’s leading manufacturer of compact four-stroke engines is well established and as such Honda engines are used in all sorts of machines across all sorts of industries. Some of Atco’s powerful four-wheeled rotary lawnmowers, for example, utilise Honda engines to ensure outstanding grass cutting performance in a range of grass conditions. This combination of power and grass cutting quality makes Honda and Atco a lawn maintenance dream team, resulting in mowers such as the Quattro 19SH 4-in-1; fitted with one of Honda’s high performance 160cc GCV160 OHC four-stroke petrol engines, the Quattro 19SH 4-in-1 uses this power to make routine lawn maintenance as simple and stress-free as possible.But what is it that makes these Honda engine so well suited to the job? Well aside from Honda’s longstanding tradition of using only the best components in their engines, GCV160 engines are the lightest in their class so help keep the Quattro 19SH 4-in-1 manoeuvrable and easy to handle. This engine also features a compact combustion chamber to increase fuel efficiency and automatic mechanical decompression to ensure hassle-free starting. What’s more, with the engine’s guaranteed high-torque performance and the Quattro 19SH 4-in-1’s single-speed self-propulsion system, this powerful lawnmower will make mowing areas up to 1600m2 in size pleasingly effortless.More than anything about the engine itself, however, it’s the cutting performance that the engine facilitates which makes the Quattro 19SH 4-in-1 so special. Fitted with a sturdy rotary cutterblade and offering a generous cutting width of 48cm (19”), the Quattro 19SH also comes with a front skid plate to protect against scalping and centralised, six-step height of cut adjustment (featuring settings between 26mm and 72mm) for added precision. Even better, however, is that the Quattro 19SH offers four distinct cutting modes to enable effective cutting in different grass conditions; traditional cut and collection, side discharge, rear discharge and mulching.For cut and collection the Quattro 19SH comes as standard with a hard-topped 70 litre canvas grass collector, which is big enough to ensure that stops to dispose of clippings are kept to a minimum. The side and rear discharge modes, meanwhile, allow for quick cutting of longer, rougher grass when dealing with informal lawns. And for those who like the best of both worlds, mulching may be the answer; a great time-saver due to eliminating the need to dispose of clippings, the Quattro 19SH’s mulching mode recycles grass clippings to fertilise your lawn as you work. Whatever the state of your lawn or your preferred maintenance method, however, the Quattro 19SH 4-in-1 will likely have a cutting mode to meet your needs.The rest of the Quattro 19SH 4-in-1’s design is equally impressive, with large front and rear wheels included for added manoeuvrability on uneven ground and an adjustable handlebar featuring an OPC system helping to ensure operator comfort and safety. Likewise, the sheer build quality and the use of hardwearing steel in the construction of the cutter deck means that the Quattro 19SH 4-in-1 is more than capable of withstanding the various knocks and bumps inevitably incurred while mowing without suffering any adverse effects on performance. With this toughness, its powerful Honda engine and Atco’s clever cutting system (along with the generous inclusion of a five year manufacturer’s warranty as standard), the Quattro 19SH 4-in-1 will therefore provide years of reliable grass cutting results in medium to large gardens.
  • Tech Info

    Technical Specifications

    Engine/motor: Honda GCV160 OHC
    Power source: Unleaded petrol
    Starting method: Recoil
    Deck material: Steel
    Cutting system: Rotary blade
    Cutting width: 48cm
    Cutting height: 26mm - 72mm
    Blade-brake clutch: N/a
    Collection bag: 70-litres
    Mulching function: Yes
    Rear roller: N/a
    Drive system: Self-propelled
    Weight: 33kg
    Warranty: 5 Years
    Weight 34 kg
  • Brand
    About Atco
    In 1921 the first 900 petrol-powered Atco lawnmowers rolled off the production line at the Atco mowers factory in Birmingham and were delivered, believe it or not, by a man on a motorcycle with a specially developed side-car for transportation of these heavy machines. Things have moved on a little since then for Atco mowers, but one thing remains the same — the quality of the Atco mowers and products is as good as it ever was, and even though they expanded into different areas of the garden machinery market, it is their cylinder mowers that they are best know for. The Atco name is synonymous with the British gardening scene and the company has been awarded two Royal Warrants, the first in 1955 from Queen Elizabeth II and again in 1986, this time from HRH The Prince Of Wales.Robert Bosch GmbH acquired Atco-Qualcast Ltd in 1995 and this brought a modern approach to the manufacturing process with the cylinder mowers that the company is famous for changing tremendously, becoming more light-weight with a marked increase in usability and performance; the introduction of the now famous QX Quick Exchange Cassette System, for instance, allows gardeners to change their lawn application needs without changing machine. Not happy with manufacturing the highest quality products, Atco leads the way in environmental compliance, being the first garden machinery manufacturer to be awarded the environmental management standard BS EN ISO 14001.
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