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Atco is an iconic British company that stands for outstanding performance and quality. The Atco brand can be found at tennis courts, stately homes, bowling greens, and anywhere that requires absolute perfection.

Built to last you for years and packed with top quality components, this Atco GTX 36H twin cylinder garden tractor is a worthy investment and well worth the price tag. Easy to drive - simply turn the key, put your foot down and away you go - mowing the lawn has never been simpler.

Stylish and hard working, the premium Atco GTX 36H twin cylinder garden tractor is ideal for gardens of around 2 - 2.5 acres and features premium components and an impressive 5 years manufacturer’s warranty. After almost a century in the business Atco fully understand the needs of the busy domestic or professional gardener. So it's no surprise that they’ve selected the high powered 586cc Stiga ST600 twin cylinder engine which is nothing short of exceptional. A twin cylinder is traditionally quieter and more powerful than a single cylinder engine. Vibrations are also reduced which means less wear on the components which results in less maintenance. Twin cylinder engines are better for larger areas and run smoother and more efficiently than single cylinder engines. Twin cylinder engines are a must if you intend to mow large areas or use light-weight attachments on a regular basis.

Offering fully hydrostatic transmission, this Atco GTX 36H garden tractor is ultra smooth and completely reliable and offers you an infinite amount of speeds in both forward gear and reverse. Working in the same way as an automatic car, the pedal is responsive and to move forward you simply press the pedal, the firmer you press, the faster you will go. To reverse you simply press the rear section of the pedal. Changing from forward to reverse is practically seamless, so the manoeuvrability of this Atco GTX36H twin cylinder garden tractor is second to none. The headlights allow you to work even in the fading light, which means you can get your work finished even if the sun is going down.

The 92cm cutting deck features twin contra rotating blades which give you a stirling finish and an efficient rear discharge of the cut grass into the 300 litre collector. A buzzer will alert you to the fact that the collector is becoming full and you can easily empty the grass without leaving your driving seat. The blades are engaged and disengaged by a simple flick of a switch through an electronic clutch. This highly effective system means that the blades will stop in just 3 seconds. The electric key start is steadfast in its reliability and you can be assured of a lawn mower that starts first time with no effort.

This highly versatile Atco GTX 36H garden tractor allows you to choose between collecting your grass or mulching it once you have purchased the optional mulching kit. Changing from collecting to mulching is simple, you simply remove the collector, fit the mulching plug into the discharge chute, replace the collector and away you go. This is so simple in fact that you can even choose to collect in some parts of your garden and mulch in others. This is especially advantageous if your garden contains different parts. Also if you have pets or children who may walk the mulched grass into your house, you can choose to only mulch further away from your house and collect the grass in the areas that are in constant use.

If you choose to mulch, the recycled grass will be returned to your lawn where it will sit barely noticable and act as a natural and rich fertilizer. You won’t need to purchase additional fertilizer as the mulched grass is rich in nutrients and should be everything your grass needs to look healthy and lush. Atco suggest mulching is around 30% quicker than collecting, and this stands to reason as you won’t need to visit the compost heap, which traditionally will be at the top of your garden out of the way and out of sight. You’ll also save on fuel and you won’t need to go to the effort of adding fertilizer to your lawn. Over the course of the cutting season thanks to the efficiency of this Atco GTX36H garden tractor you should see a remarkable difference in the health of your lawn, especially if you’ve allowed the grass to be mulched.

Fitted with a stylish front bumper to allow for a few knocks and scrapes this expertly designed Atco GTX 36H twin cylinder garden tractor really looks the part. Featuring shiny British racing green paint and chunky tyres it has various optional extras including mulching plug and a tow bar which increases its versatility and will make it a very useful machine to own. If you have a paddock or something similar and wish to cut the grass without collecting it you can purchase a deflector to use for long grass. The cutting deck is easy to keep clean thanks to the onboard washing link. Simply attach your garden hose and spray out all the loose grass and dirt, keeping your Atco in great shape and ready for anything.

The comfortable drivers seat is fitted with a contact safety breaker so in the unlikely event of an accident or if for any reason you leave your seat, the engine will cut out. In our opinion this is a fantastic safety feature and gives you ultimate peace of mind while you are working. Accidents do happen, and luckily the engineers have taken steps to ensure this Atco GTX36H twin cylinder garden tractor is as safe as can be. 7 cutting heights from 30-90mm enable you to cut various lengths of grass and you can be assured of a perfectly neat and smooth finish whatever length of grass you started from.

A generous 5 year warranty accompanies this Atco GTX 36H twin cylinder garden tractor.

Available accessories to purchase are a tow-bar, mulching plug, rear-deflector and battery charger. The rear deflector is particularly useful if you’d like to cut paddock grass without collecting.

Deck Wash Link

The washing link makes it easy to clean the cutting deck

Deck Wash Link

Mulch Kit (optional)

Grass clippings are recycled back into the soil, returning valuable nutrients and saving you time and money!

Mulch Kit Included

Hydrostatic transmission

Forward and reverse speed is controlled by simply pressing a foot pedal, similar to driving an automatic car.

Hydrostatic transmission


More Information
Stiga ST600 Engine / 586cc - Twin Cylinder / 11.2kw @ 2700rpm
Hydrostatic Gearbox
92 cm
30 - 90mm (7 Positions)
300 Litres
7 Litres
Front 15" / Rear 18"
5 Years (Terms & Conditions Apply)
1.5 Acres


Atco have been manufacturing fine quality mowers for the lawns of Great Britain since 1921 and have earned an enviable reputation for outstanding quality and performance. Atco cylinder lawn mowers can be found from royal palaces to village greens, cricket pitches to tennis courts, stately homes to your own beautiful lawn.

Atco are very proud of their heritage and the fact that they have been manufacturing outstanding lawnmowers for more than 90 years – helping owners maintain their lawns and providing the finest cut of all. They make no compromise on our engine choice either, only using engines from the finest engine manufacturers in the world; Briggs & Stratton, Honda and Kawasaki.

Atco also supply some of the best ride on lawn mowers in the UK.

Atco Riders are extremely easy to use and offer a great alternative to walk behind mowers for the smaller lawn. With a range of cutting widths and powered by either a Briggs & Stratton or Kawasaki engine Atco collecting lawn tractors really are a pleasure to use. Atco dedicated mulching tractors are a great alternative if you don’t want to collect grass cuttings. Powered by Briggs & Stratton engines there is a range of cutting widths from 98cm – 112cm to choose from

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