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GT 30 H 

Let us introduce you to this high specification Atco GT30H lawn tractor. Jam packed with high-end features and top quality components, it's no surprise that this is an extremely popular lawn tractor. The cutting width is generous enough to maintain around 1 to 1.5 acres of lawn but the machine itself is compact enough to fit through a 36” gate - making this Atco GT30H 84cm lawn tractor a top choice for anyone that has limited access to their garden.

Built to give you trouble-free mowing for years and years, this Atco GT30H lawn mower is worth every single penny of its price tag. Supplied in striking racing green with tough chunky tyres this Atco looks as good as its performs.

Achieving an immaculate, well groomed lawn is now well within your grasp thanks to the expert capabilities of this ultra reliable Atco GT30H 84cm lawn tractor. The Atco GT30H is fitted with a high performing 432cc Stiga ST450 single cylinder engine which delivers power to the hydrostatic and reverse transmission. Now you can mow right into those corners, knowing you can simply reverse out if you can't quite get round. Garden obstacles are easily maneuvered around and there's absolutely no doubt that you will find this machine easy to drive and steer.

The clutchless automatic system goes seamlessly through its infinite speeds as well as from forward to reverse. You operate it in the same way you would an automatic car, it really is that simple. Press or depress the foot pedal to select the speed you want. This innovative transmission system greatly enhances manoeuvrability and allows you to remain completely in control of your speed at all times.

The generous 84cm cutting deck features twin contra rotating blades - they give you a nice neat finish, and enhance the collection and rear discharge of the clippings. The Atco GT30H 84cm lawn tractor is designed to be responsive and this can be seen by the electronic clutch that engages or disengages the blades from a simple flick of a switch. This ensures your safety as you can switch off in a matter of seconds if you need to. If you choose to collect your clippings, the considerably large 240 litre collector is located at the rear and you can easily tip the grass out without leaving your seat. A buzzer lets you know when it needs emptying, so your collector will never become clogged up with too much grass because it has been overfilled.

If you would to mulch your grass then you can easily convert the machine by purchasing the optional mulching plug. The mulched grass will be neatly returned to your lawn where it will sit barely noticeable, acting as a natural and nutrient rich fertilizer. You are unlikely to need additional lawn fertilizer so you will save money. You will also of course, save time and effort as you won't need to empty the grass collector at your compost site, and your grass will wilt naturally on your lawn rather than being left to rot on your compost heap.

This Atco GT30H 84cm is ideal for all grass lengths, it features 7 preset cutting heights that range from a low 25mm upto a lofty 80mm. This ensures your lawn mower will work hard in many different conditions, whether your lawn is cut low or you need to get on top of an untidy garden. This ensures your Atco GT30H is versatile and ready for anything.

Keeping your lawn mower in tip top condition couldn't be easier thanks to the snap on hose connection on the cutter deck. Simply attach your hose and you can clear away all the loose grass clippings and dirt that will stop your lawn mower working as it should.

Atco offer a generous five year warranty on this product giving you ultimate peace of mind. (terms & conditions apply).

Hydrostatic transmission

Forward and reverse speed is controlled by simply pressing a foot pedal, similar to driving an automatic car.

Hydrostatic transmission

Deck Wash Link

The washing link makes it easy to clean the cutting deck

Deck Wash Link

Optional Mulch Kit 

Grass clippings are recycled back into the soil, returning valuable nutrients and saving you time and money!

Mulch Kit Included


More Information
Stiga ST450 Engine / 432cc - Single Cylinder / 6.8kw @ 2400rpm
Hydrostatic Gearbox
84 cm
25 - 80mm (7 Positions)
240 Litres
6 Litres
Front: 15" / Rear: 18"
5 Years (Terms & Conditions Apply)
1.5 Acres
Dimensions - 234cm Long x 90cm Wide


Atco have been manufacturing fine quality mowers for the lawns of Great Britain since 1921 and have earned an enviable reputation for outstanding quality and performance. Atco cylinder lawn mowers can be found from royal palaces to village greens, cricket pitches to tennis courts, stately homes to your own beautiful lawn.

Atco are very proud of their heritage and the fact that they have been manufacturing outstanding lawnmowers for more than 90 years – helping owners maintain their lawns and providing the finest cut of all. They make no compromise on our engine choice either, only using engines from the finest engine manufacturers in the world; Briggs & Stratton, Honda and Kawasaki.

Atco also supply some of the best ride on lawn mowers in the UK.

Atco Riders are extremely easy to use and offer a great alternative to walk behind mowers for the smaller lawn. With a range of cutting widths and powered by either a Briggs & Stratton or Kawasaki engine Atco collecting lawn tractors really are a pleasure to use. Atco dedicated mulching tractors are a great alternative if you don’t want to collect grass cuttings. Powered by Briggs & Stratton engines there is a range of cutting widths from 98cm – 112cm to choose from

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