Apache MS 60 Compactor Petrol Compactor Plates

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The NEW Apache MS 60 vibratory petrol compactor is a versatile and light weight plate compactor used for compaction of soils. This plate compactor weighs 54kg for solid ground compacting, but it is easily transported with a convenient folding handle.

Powered by a 196cc Loncin 4-Stroke Recoil Engine for reliable performance. The MS 60 is the ideal companion for compacting ground, soil, gravel and sand together for patios, driveways, conservatories and more.

Equipped with a large fuel tank for long running.
Frequency (by volume) - 5900
Efficiency m2 / h - 350

Apache plate compactors are long-lasting, reliable, and built to compact all kinds of material, including dirt, gravel, stone and asphalt. Whether you are a large construction company that requires a plate compactor on every foundation and driveway, or just compacting for the occasional patio or walkway project, we have the right plate compactor for your job. Easy to transport, forward only models which are great for tight spaces; or our larger, heavy-duty, reversible compactors, that can handle any tough job quickly and efficiently.

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