ALKO T22-111 HDS-A V2 Comfort Side Discharge Lawn Tractor,with mulcher (Alko twin cylinder)

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  • AL-KO’s new styling has a modern bonnet with LED lights, enhanced driving position and simple user controls. The T22-111 HDS-A V2 has twin pedal hydrostatic drive which works like an automatic car and the powerful twin cylinder engine provides power and fuel efficiency.


    • AL-KO 708cc Pro 700 engine
    • Hydrostatic foot operated transmission
    • 110cm sheet steel chassis
    • 2 in 1 – side discharge and mulching functions
    • 30 - 80mm cutting heights
    • Electro-magnetic blade engagement
    • New modern styling
    Built around a sturdy frame, the T22-111 HDS-A V2 has a twin bladed cutter deck which is suited to meadows, paddocks and large grass areas. The side discharge option will quickly mow longer grass in less formal areas leaving the cuttings in neat rows to decompose quickly. The mulching option is ideal for lawns that are regularly cut and will leave the finely chopped cuttings on the ground to provide a nutrient-rich fertiliser.The T22-111 HDS-A V2 has an optional towing hitch which can transform the grass tractor into a all-year-round machine.


    • Engine: AL-KO Pro 700
    • Engine spec: 708cc, 13.0kW, twin cylinder
    • Transmission: Foot operated hydrostatic drive
    • Drive speed: Forward 0-9, Reverse 0-4 km/h
    • Cutting Width: 110cm
    • Blades: 2
    • Cutting Heights: 30 - 80mm
    • Cutting Height Adjustments: Central, 6 positions
    • Speed (Forward/Reverse): 0-9 / 0-4 km/h
    • Tyre Size: F: 15 x 6.0-6 / R: 18 x 8.5-8
    • Mulching Plug: Included
    • Towing Hitch: Optional Extra
    • Weight: 234kg
    • Manufacturer warranty: 5 year domestic (2 year extended to 5 years if serviced annually
    blade mower deck
  • Ample legroom and easy access
  • Efficient mowing of large lawns
  • Comfortable adjustable seat
  • Wide wheels for optimum traction
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