ALKO T 15-93 HD-A Model Comfort Lawn Tractor(Alko engine) BEST SELLER

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  • High level of comfort with improved seating position
  • Ball-bearing mounted, reliable 2-blade mower deck
  • Clear and easy to access controls
  • Wide wheels for optimal traction
  • Large 220 litre grass collector
    Discover the beautiful side of lawn mowing with our Comfort range of solo by AL-KO lawn tractors. The T15-93 HD-A Comfort lawn tractor is the ideal partner for large/medium sized gardens.

    The new generation of solo by AL-KO Comfort pro lawn tractors shines in renewed magnificence thanks to the latest, innovative bonnet design. Quality and longevity are ensured with this machine thanks to the manufacturer's key objectives; "engineered in Germany" and "made in Austria". 

    With a compact cutting width of 93cm (36"), this rear collect lawn tractor is perfectly suited to mow large gardens efficiently and quickly. The T 15-93.3 HD-A lawn tractor is powered by a 7.7kW AL-KO Pro engine - robust and low-vibration. Refuelling of the seven litre petrol tank is convenient thanks to the external filler neck. Featuring a special, patented freewheel mechanism, the accelerator pedal is switched off when braking which protects the transmission and increases the service life. The cutting height can be adjusted in six steps from 30mm to 80mm with one hand, which should suit a variety of mowing conditions.

    Other advantages in terms of comfort are the easily accessible controls, the stepless foot hydrostatic transmission and the low step-through design, including plenty of legroom and raised seating position. The MaxAirflow technology ensures optimal grass transport into the grass catcher for high efficiency and few empty runs when working with the lawn tractor. When the grass collector is full, an audible signal indicates that the box should be emptied in good time. Thanks to the improved frame, the collection box has a new pivot point, which in turn means simplified emptying - while increasing the capacity at the same time. Hooking and unhooking is also much easier.

    An high performance mulch plug (not included) enables a simple switch to mulching mode by inserting the optional accessory into the rear discharge channel without the use of tools. The process of mulching cuts up the grass clippings very finely and disperses them neatly and evenly over the surface of the lawn so you will hardly notice them, resulting in improved soil as the clippings decompose and return vital nutrients back into your lawn. 

    The large 18" rear tyres ensure good traction and good progress on any surface and in any terrain. The durable mower deck made of sheet steel includes two blades for a clean cut of grass and can be removed in a few simple steps, ideal for cleaning and maintenance. 

    The torsion-resistant, durable and very stable frame withstands the heaviest workloads with sophisticated build quality to protect moving parts.

    Fitted with an optional tow hitch, a range of tow-behind lawn care attachments and trailers can turn the T 15-93.3 HD-A lawn tractor into a year-round workhorse.

    Thanks to its oustanding design and striking appearance, the clear lines and excellent workmanship make solo by AL-KO lawn tractors eye-catchers for years to come.

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