ALKO CSA 1820 18V Bosch Home & Garden Compatible 18V Cordless Pole Pruner (with 2.5Ah Battery & Charger)

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AL-KO CSA 1820 18V Bosch Home & Garden Compatible 18V Cordless Pole Pruner (with 2.5Ah Battery & Charger)

The CSA 1820 18V Bosch Home & Garden Compatible cordless pole pruner kit impresses with its proven AL-KO quality and design, making this machine a light and emission-free helper to limb and shape your trees with your feet firmly on the ground.

Even in a small garden, trees will require care in terms of limbing over the years. This process removes old, dry branches that only weaken the plant and can cause disease. Cutting branches from the trunk allows the tree to grow healthy and strong, as well as shaping it aesthetically.

The AL-KO CSA 1820 battery-powered pole saw is equipped with a compact 20cm Oregon guide bar and chain with automatic chain lubrication and a chain speed of 3.7m/s which delivers a precise, clean cut every time. Thanks to the nine position, 125 degree angle adjustment of the cutter head and telescopic shaft, you can access hard-to-reach branches easily, without the use of a ladder.

Both the battery level indicator in the handle and the viewing window in the chain oil tank keep you well informed while working, whilst space-saving transport and storage is aided by the divisible shaft.

NB: Kit INCLUDES 2.5Ah battery and standard charger.

The AL-KO 18V Bosch Home & Garden Compatible lithium-ion cordless system was created with a universal approach in mind, one device and so many possibilities. Suitable for both beginners and advanced gardeners, each machine in the range is comfortable to operate and delivers a perfect end result with the advantage of quiet operation, no exhaust fumes and the cordless freedom to access every part of your garden.

You have access to different running and charging times thanks to a choice of four different capacity batteries; 2.5Ah, 4.0Ah, 5.0Ah and 6.0Ah. Depending on the battery capacity, the charging time is between 60 and 130 minutes. For even faster charging times, the battery quick charger FC100 Li can also be used. The li-ion battery is very durable, low-maintenance and easy and convenient for everyone to charge without self-discharge or memory effect. 

With the AL-KO 18V Bosch Home & Garden Compatible battery family, you are perfectly equipped for every application thanks to the numerous garden tools in the range. In addition, the rechargeable batteries and chargers are compatible with all tools from various manufacturers that work with the Bosch 18V Power For All Alliance system.

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