Husqvarna AutoMowers®

Husqvarna automowers® keep your lawns beautiful, even while you relax!

Regardless of the size of your lawn, Husqvarna automowers® deliver two things for you: the perfect cut and hours of free time.

Husqvarna automowers® work day and night, in rain and shine, and can tackle even the most complicated and demanding of lawns, a hallmark of the Husqvarna model.

They are also incredibly quiet, working tirelessly in the background with no fuss or bother, while you fill your time with other jobs in the garden or time off with friends and family.

Whilst we sell many different brands of automowers, it’s the Husqvarna which currently leads the pack for its performance, reliability and price. Check our exclusive range of mowers below, and do contact us if you have any questions.

Finally, at Romwy Power Garden Machinery we offer a installation service, maintenance program and a winter service discount rate. Get in touch to see how keeping your lawn looking immaculate could be the most relaxing thing in your life!