Best Outdoor Plants For Beginners

With spring behind us and the summer nights attracting more people to their gardens, the desire to be surrounded by beautiful flora is everywhere.

The problem many enthusiastic garden owners face is inexperience when it comes to finding the right plants and the easiest ones to maintain.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of outdoor plants that are perfect for beginner gardeners who want to dip their thumbs into some greenery. 


This plant is easy to grow and ideal for beginners who want either a border plant or something to climb a trellis. They can be planted out from March to July and flower from June to October so you’ve still got time to get them in the ground now.

Alternatively ready-grown plants can be bedded during the early part of summer. 


Salvias are a brilliant choice for a summer plant as they flower from June through to November. These elegant and delicate plants come in a variety of different colours and fragrances, and are best planted out from late May to early June to ensure the last frost has gone.

If you are worried about the winter frosts killing the salvia, you can plant them in pots that can be kept in a greenhouse during the worst of winter. 


The most quintessential of UK plants, the foliage of the long-flowering lavender produces a wonderful fragrance that can be appreciated all year and varieties can be used as bordering or even potted plants.

It is best sown from February to July and plant on when the soil has started to warm up.  


Another notoriously popular plant in the UK, the Fuschia is easy to grow and also loved by bees making it the perfect bordering plant for a wild garden or even in containers located in warm, sunny or partially shaded areas.

The best time to plant out Fuchsias are in the early summer to help establish the plant before late autumn when the cold can cause damage to young leaves. 

Night-flowering Catchfly

Not all plants flower during the day, and these beautifully delicate blossoms are no exception. Ideal for wildlife gardens and meadows, the Catchfly’s fragrance will attract moths to your garden, allowing you to enjoy your flora in the evening when other plants have closed for the day.

They can be sown from seed indoors from March to May or alternatively April to May if sown directly outdoors.  

These are just a few examples of some beautiful yet easy plants to grow outdoors. Before you buy anything it’s worth checking the condition of your soil and lawn to ensure the plants have sufficient space to grow and oxygen to breathe.

This can be remedied with a scarifier or aerator that punches holes into the lawn to allow for optimal filtration and airflow.